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Spatter develops during any kind of welding, regardless of MIG/MAG welding, spot welding, laser welding or MIG brazing. In practical application, even optimised procedures cannot fully exclude spatter, for instance as part of final runs, in constrained positions or in the event of special material combination.

Spatter that has burnt into the material requires intensive reworking, reduces the quality and hence incurs increased costs. Effective protection is consequently required to guarantee effective production.

Process safety is also excellent: optimum weld seams, optimum cleaning and coating. User safety is vital, in particular during manual welding work. Environmental compatibility is no less important.

The objective is reliable protection against adhering weld spatter without causing any side effects.


Workpiece surfaces:
Surface qualities are maintained to prevent reworking. Ideal preparation for any conventional coating methods

Maintains the precision of limit stops and clamps, prevents sensor faults, considerably reduces cleaning costs, increases the service life.

Tools (MAG welding gun, bolt welding gun, etc.):
Maintains their optimum function, reduces cleaning costs, increases the service life and boosts productivity


A thin layer of PROTEC Bio anti-spatter fluid is applied to the protection surfaces prior to welding or cutting.

We recommend you to manually spray the fluid using PROTEC accessories and spraying equipment. A thin, sealed coat provides sufficient protection.

PROTEC CE15L+ and CE16M fluids are suitable for welding when wet — even in the event of product deposits.


PROTEC safeguards processes and user safety:

  • Ideally suitable for welding over, no formation of pores
  • Maximum protection, no residue
  • Can be removed without leaving residue as part of a standard process, suitable for immersion (pH-neutral)
  • Suitable for all conventional coating methods (cataphoresis, powder-coating, painting – also using special paints, electroplating, galvanising, enamelling, etc.)
  • Safe and sustainable: non-flammable, biodegradable, renewable raw materials
  • Spatter robotic MAG welding
  • MAG weld steel rim
  • MAG welding semi-trailer
  • windpower

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