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Metallotion PROTEC CE15L+

anti-spatter fluid CE15L+

Premium anti-spatter fluid with integrated degreasing effect

PROTEC CE15L+ offers high-grade protection to adhering, hot metal spatter (anti-spatter agent), intended for application to workpieces, equipment and tools

  • Optimum component protection for steel, zinc-plated steel, stainless steel, etc.
  • Suitable for all common welding techniques: MIG/MAG welding, spot welding, laser welding, MIG brazing, etc.
  • Features an integrated cleaning function (degreasing)
  • Applied throughout vast number of industries
  • PROTEC welding anti-spatter is silicone-free, non-flammable and vegetable based


  • Youtube MAG welding with anti-spatter PROTEC CE15L+
  • Anti-spatter for protection of worpiece and fixtures
  • MAG welding with anti-spatter PROTEC CE15L+
  • Zinc plated weld


  • PROTEC Anti-spatter is effective when wet or dry: long-term protection over 3 weeks
  • Perfectly suitable to be welded over
  • Integrated degreasing effect, ideal suitability for coating (e.g. galvanising, painting, cataphoresis, powder coating, electroplating, etc.)
  • Integrated corrosion protection
  • PROTEC is tested and approved, internationally – in the automotive industry, vehicle engineering, system engineering and structural steel engineering as well as crane engineering, etc.

Customer benefits

  • Increased productivity — no need for reworking
  • Increased quality with spatter-free metal surfaces
  • Maximum process safety + safe for users


Coat the surface to be protected with anti-spatter PROTEC CE15L+ prior to welding or cutting. Apply by spraying, best by using the Pump-Sprayer PROTEC HSP4K to guarantee optimum coating and high efficiency.
HVLP automatic sprayer systems are suitable for series production.

Shake cannister before opening it to safeguard the emulsion is homogeneous (best by rotating your wrist while holding the canister). The matching drain valve facilitates filling emulsion into sprayers.

Check material durability prior to first use (containers, cables, sensors, etc.)
Shake before use.
Protect from frost.


  • Effective ingredient type: Herbal fatty acid products with fatty alcohol ethoxylates in emulsion on water basis
  • Density (20°C): 0.98 g/ml
  • Viscosity (20℃): 9.5 sec DIN 53211/4
  • Flash point: n. a.
  • pH value: 7,4
  • Shelf life: At minimum 6 months
  • Safety data sheet no. SDS-A015
  • Container: 10 litre canister, ID no. A015.010


Feel free to contact our staff if you have any questions about welding anti-spatter from PROTEC.


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