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PROTEC develops and distributes biotech fluids for process improvements in three fields of metal working: Welding, Laser-Cutting and Wire-Coating.

Manufactured in Austria, internationally successful.
Specialized, with more than 20 years of experience.

PROTEC stands for game changing bio-chemical solutions for optimization of metal welding and laser-cutting processes.

PROTEC products are developed in direct cooperation with renowned companies, such as automotive OEMs. This ensures effectiveness, process stability and safety in real-life processes. 20 years of experience and international success prove the quality of PROTEC products.

The three core product lines include:

Anti-Spatter Spray Fluids:

• high level protection of metal surfaces against welding spatter,
• perfectly overweldable and compliant with all common coatings (approved by key players of automotive industry).

Laser-Cut Protection Fluids:

• full protection of metal sheets and pipes against spatter and slag,
• clean and dry (not greasy) cut parts at the output, workpieces well prepared for subsequent processes.

WLS – Wire Lubrication System:

• optimised feedability and ohmic contact of welding wire, mainly for MIG/MAG processes,
• this results in a stable arc with proper ignition and reduced spattering.

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