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Slag and spatter caused by laser cutting causes significant contamination on workpieces and equipment.

Effective protection against adhering spatter and slag is required.

Process safety is vital – particularly for downstream processes, such as vibratory finishing, reforming, welding, etc.
Potential downstream coating must also provide ideal results


Increased surface quality on cut parts

  • More stable process when starting to move the beam after piercing
  • Prevents reworking on the workpiece; reduces cleaning costs for supports
  • For specialist cutters: gives a competitive edge with clean and dry laser-cut parts, ideally prepared for downstream processes


Spray the protection area (sheet metal, inside of pipes) using the Laser-Lotion PROTEC LC20A immediately before cutting. A thin, sealed coat provides sufficient protection. Regularly spray supports on flatbed lasers.

PROTEC is suitable for all laser cutting processes and all metal materials (steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, etc.).


PROTEC is safe and sustainable:

  • Process safety also for downstream processes, such as welding and coating
  • Safe for users and the environment: non-flammable, biodegradable
  • Tested and approved, has been in use at renowned, international companies for many years
  • Piercing lasercutting spatter
  • steel sheet prepared for lasercutting
  • Lasercutting sheet spatter bottomside
  • windpower

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