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Laser cutting with flatbed-laser

During laser cutting of sheet metal, spatter and slag adhere to the top side (when the beam penetrates the material) as well as the bottom side of sheet metal (reflection from below) and the supports.

Using Laser-Lotion PROTEC LC20A will effectively prevent adhering spatter and slag. This results in significant improvements, such as

  • Increased process safety when starting to cut, as the ring of slag does not adhere to the penetration point.
  • The surface quality of sheet metal is maintained – there is no need for reworking. For instance, when cutting stainless steel sheets particularly the bottom side of the sheet requires protection.
  • Protecting the supports reduces any potential cleaning costs and increases the service life of the bars (also for copper bars).

Pipe laser cutting / 3D laser

An increased amount of adhering spatter and slag develops on 3D lasers.

During pipe laser cutting it is important to protect the inside of the pipe against blown out adhering slag. This is a paramount requirement for pipes intended to carry liquids, in areas relevant to assembly and functionality, as well as for any visible areas of the pipes.

Simply apply Laser-Lotion PROTEC LC20A before cutting to keep surface clean – no unwanted side effects. We recommend Metallotion PROTEC CE15L+ to protect the inside of pipes (in particular for small diameters).

Laser engraving

The objective of laser engraving is to create very fine structures that must not be contaminated by spatter. In this case, reworking is hardly feasible and for this reason, adhering spatter and slag must be initially avoided.

PROTEC LC20A significantly contributes to achieving perfect laser engraving results. For instance in pressurised cylinder production or for rotary machine printing templates.

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