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Visco-Lotion PROTEC CE15V+

Visco-Lotion PROTEC CE15V+ anti-spatter against weld spatter for fixtures and jigs

Spatter protection for jigs, fixtures and tools

  • VISCO-LOTION PROTEC CE15V+ is a spatter protection fluid for jigs and fixtures in welding processes, as well as for gratings of laser cutting machines.
  • Usable in all metal welding and cutting processes, e.g. MIG/MAG welding, laser welding, laser cutting etc.
  • Highly viscous, forms a particularly stable protective layer


  • Axle system equipment
  • Spatter protection for welding fixtures, equipment, and tools for automatic welding
  • MAG welding robot in axle system


  • Long-lasting protection agent
  • Compliant with coatings of the parts (paint, galvanising etc.) for higher process safety
  • Prevents sensor faults on jigs
  • Non-flammable, safe for user and environment (see safety datasheet SDS)
  • Used and approved in the automotive industry

Benefits, Results

  • Minimises cleaning time for jigs and fixtures in welding and laser-cutting processes
  • Increased productivity by safeguarding function
  • Longer service life of jigs and fixtures resulted from reduced mechanical stress during cleaning


Regularly coat jigs, welding fixtures and tools using Visco-Lotion PROTEC CE15V+.
The application intervals depend on the process environment and must be determined empirically. Re-apply after each cleaning process (e.g. dry ice cleaning).

Apply using the Pump-Sprayer PROTEC HSP4K-V or using PROTEC pressure sprayer to guarantee optimum coating and high efficiency.

Not suitable for welding over,  we recommend Metallotion PROTEC CE15L+ for spatter-protection of weld-parts).

Check material durability prior to first use (cables, sensors, etc.)
Shake before use.
Protect from frost.


  • Ingredient type: Oil in water emulsion
  • Density (20°C): 0.98 g/ml
  • Viscosity (20℃): 14 sec DIN 53211/4
  • Flash point: n. a.
  • pH value: 7,4
  • Shelf life: At minimum 6 months
  • Safety data sheet: Available at
  • 10 litre cannister, ID no. A016.010


Please contact us if you have any questions or want to test the Visco-Lotion PROTEC CE15V+ for welding fixtures or laser cutting machines.


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