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Wire manufacturing - coatings

The right finish can considerably increase the surface quality of welding wire – and hence also its processing characteristics.

PROTEC WLS fluids are intended for a purification and coating of welding wire and wire electrodes for soldering processes (CuSi3, CuAl8).

The benefits can already be felt by manufacturers and involve improved layered coils, barrel coils and less waste.

Temporary corrosion protection perfectly maintains the wire’s surface quality until it is processed (e.g. also for bare wire).

During welding or soldering optimum supply characteristics and perfect ignition are guaranteed and this results in maximum customer satisfaction.

Wire lubrication MIG/MAG

PROTEC WLS fluids are suitable for direct application during the welding process.
This triggers a purification process on the welding wire directly before the wire is input, resulting in optimum cleanliness. PROTEC WLS fluids simultaneously act as contact lubricant. The supply resistance is reduced, moving off is facilitated and the degree of wear drops.
Contacts inside the current nozzle are improved, micro arcs are prevented.

Result: a stable arc with optimum ignition and reduced spatter.

Wire lubrication Orbital welding

Orbital welding requires a particular degree of process security. At the same time, challenging supply conditions often cause issues. PROTEC WLS fluids significantly boost the supply characteristics of wire electrodes. As a result, orbital welding processes become more stable and this considerably boosts productivity.

Spring production

PROTEC WLS fluids create a reduced and constant friction value on the wire. Spring manufacturers have uncovered the benefits of the fluids that were originally developed for welding wires: using PROTEC WLS considerably boosts the precision when coiling springs.

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