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Automotive OEM / bodywork

Bodywork must remain unpolished if the aim is to cost-effectively produce optimum quality.
Hot metal spatter develops during MIG pulsed-arc welding/MAG welding, spot welding, laser welding and MIG soldering, etc.

This spatter burns into the sheet metal surface – in particular when welding galvanised sheet metal. This reduces the quality in visible areas, in areas relevant to assembly and also negatively influences corrosion protection.

Metallotion PROTEC CE15L+ provides protection and maintains the surface quality, thus preventing reworking.
The zinc layer is maintained and unproductive cleaning tasks become obsolete.
Total process safety is guaranteed – from welding to cataphoresis.
The metal lotion equally protects during laser welding on aluminium sheets, for instance on attachments.

The advantage of PROTEC anti-spatter fluids lies in its simple application and the protective layer directly on the surface, even on complex structures.
The fluid is applied (up to three weeks) before welding. This is the only prerequisite to obtain reliable protection and other processes remain entirely unaffected.

The metal lotion can be applied manually or automatically. PROTEC can contribute with expertise in effective and efficient application technology.

Automotive suppliers / components

Reducing costs and boosting quality are particularly important as part of the production of components within the automotive supplier industry. For instance as part of axle, shock absorber, exhaust system, seat and wheel production as well as many more components. In these areas, PROTEC Bio anti-spatter fluids can make a significant contribution to protecting from adhering weld spatter.

Protecting components saves reworking costs and maintains the surface quality. Protecting equipment saves cleaning costs, boosts service life and prevents faults.

For instance, Visco-Lotion PROTEC CE15V+ is used in axle production to protect the equipment. This increases the service life and the (dry ice) cleaning intervals — in brief: it saves costs.

Prevent weld spatter on components: at linking points, threads, in visible areas and in general to obtain ideal corrosion protection. Protection with Metallotion PROTEC CE15L+ or Welding-Milk PROTEC CE16M reliably reduces adhering weld spatter and guarantees maximum process safety for welding and coating processes (e.g. cataphoresis).

Vehicle Manufacturing truck, train, bus

In vehicle manufacturing, process safety and corrosion protection are paramount. This is a challenging tasks considering the increasing cost pressure and the simultaneously increased demands to surface quality.

PROTEC can make a significant contribution to this: protect from adhering weld spatter on components and equipment, at the same time guarantee process safety for perfect weld quality and coating finish.

Examples of a successful application include protection for vehicle bodies and equipment in bus or coach production, protecting frames during semi-trailer production, component protection for sets of wagons and bogies, etc.

PROTEC anti-spatter fluids have been tested and approved for all welding processes and coating methods, for instance cataphoresis, galvanising, paintwork (also for paint on a water basis), powder coating, etc.

Structural steel engineering

MIG/MAG welding in structural steel/or metal engineering often still provides great potential for saving reworking costs caused by adhering weld spatter. In many cases, unsuitable gun sprays are used for component protection. Such agents do not provide a sufficient level of protection and bear the risk of unwanted side effects, such as coating errors, for instance during galvanising or painting.

PROTEC offers a stable solution with great protective characteristics against weld spatter.
PROTEC anti-spatter protection also achieves maximum process safety in manual applications – from the quality of the weld seam to coating. Ideal properties with regard to welding over the fluid are guaranteed, even if it has been applied excessively. PROTEC anti-spatter protection fluids are non-flammable and biodegradable, and thus safe for both users and the environment. The integrated degreasing effect results in ideal prerequisites for downstream coating procedures.

In brief: PROTEC provides optimum protection from weld spatter – without unwanted side effects. Consequently, productivity and surface quality increase.

Shopfitting and furniture production

The demands to surface qualities are particularly high in shopfitting and furniture production (including gym equipment or playground equipment). Adhering metal spatter resulting from MIG/MAG welding processes is detrimental to the perceived qualities of the visible areas and also poses the risk of injuries.

Protecting welded components using Metallotion PROTEC CE15L+ results in clean surfaces and provides optimum preparation for powder coating, paintwork or any other coating methods.

PROTEC CE15L+ is also ideally suitable for stainless steel.

Result: Perfect surfaces without additional (investment) costs

Agricultural machinery

Variable sheet metal thickness, welding with a high energy input, often also in confined spaces, paired with increased demands to surface quality – to this end, welding separation agents on the components lead to vast cost savings

Using PROTEC anti-spatter fluid minimises reworking costs and maintains surface qualities. Its application safeguards function, perfect corrosion protection and the quality of visible areas without incurring any additional costs

PROTEC anti-spatter fluids guarantee process safety – from laser cutting to welding and cataphoresis. PROTEC products are safe-to-use and sustainable

Construction machinery and cranes

Construction machinery and crane production often involves high strength steel and thick metal sheets – despite cutting edge procedures, the development of spatter during MAG welding is a much discussed topic, for instance during ignition and in confined spaces or when welding final runs. Component protection during welding and laser cutting hence results in significantly increased productivity by minimising reworking costs and increasing the surface quality.

Process safety during welding (no porosity, no hydrogen input in fine grained steel) and unrestricted suitability for paint and cataphoresis represent basic requirements for PROTEC. It goes without saying that it is safe for users and the environment.

System / plant engineering

Regardless of whether in series production or on a project basis, protection from weld spatter considerably boosts the productivity of the company’s welding department. Large proportions of reworking are no longer required. Using PROTEC maintains the surface quality.

On the basis that PROTEC does not cause any issues as part of the many coating methods, the product’s level of flexibility is as high as its level of process safety.

Examples for a successful application of PROTEC anti-spatter fluids in this area include transformer production, wind turbine production, ventilation technology, conveyor belt technology, the production of manufacturing machinery (e.g. CNC), control cabinets and housings, etc.

Container / pipe engineering

PROTEC complies with special container engineering requirements (tanks, boilers, etc.), such as maximum process safety (no porosity), the low levels of emissions permissible during welding on the inside of the container and user safety thanks to non-flammable products on a mainly herbal basis. Protection during welding and laser cutting results in securely preventing reworking without any unwanted side effects.

Further more PROTEC is compliant with all common coating methods – even for enamelling, a process where a lack of spatter is of particular importance to the final surface quality.

Lasercutting flatbed-laser

During laser cutting on sheet metal, spatter and slag adhere to the top side (when the beam penetrates the material) as well as the bottom side of sheet metal (reflection from below) and the supports.

Using Laser-Lotion PROTEC LC20A will effectively prevent adhering spatter and slag. This results in significant improvements, such as

  • increased process safety when starting to cut, as the ring of slag does not adhere to the penetration point.
  • The surface quality of sheet metal is maintained – there is no need for reworking.
    For instance, when cutting stainless steel sheets particularly the bottom side of the sheet requires protection.
  • Protecting the supports reduces any potential cleaning costs and increases the service life of the bars (also for copper bars).

Pipe Lasercutting / 3D

An increased amount of adhering spatter and slag develops on 3D lasers.

On pipe lasers it is important to protect the inside of the pipe against adhering slag that is blown out. This is a paramount feature for pipes intended to carry liquids, in areas relevant to assembly and functionality as well as any visible areas.

Simply apply Laser-Lotion PROTEC LC20A before cutting to keep surface clean – no unwanted side effects. We recommend Metallotion PROTEC CE15L+ to protect the inside of pipes (in particular for small diameters).

Laser engraving

The objective of laser engraving is to create very fine structures that must not be contaminated by spatter. In this case, reworking is hardly feasible and for this reason, adhering spatter and slag must be avoided.

PROTEC LC20A significantly contributes to achieving perfect laser engraving results.

For instance in pressurised cylinder production or for rotary machine printing templates.

Wire manufacturing - coatings

The right finish can considerably increase the surface quality of welding wire – and hence also its processing characteristics.

PROTEC WLS fluids are intended for a purification and coating of welding wire and wire electrodes for soldering processes (CuSi3, CuAl8).

The benefits can already be felt by manufacturers and involve improved layered coils, barrel coils and less waste.

Temporary corrosion protection perfectly maintains the wire’s surface quality until it is processed (e.g. also for bare wire).

During welding or soldering optimum supply characteristics and perfect ignition are guaranteed and this results in maximum customer satisfaction.

Wire lubrication MIG/MAG

PROTEC WLS fluids are suitable for direct application during the welding process.
This triggers a purification process on the welding wire directly before the wire is input, resulting in optimum cleanliness. PROTEC WLS fluids simultaneously act as contact lubricant. The supply resistance is reduced, moving off is facilitated and the degree of wear drops.
Contacts inside the current nozzle are improved, micro arcs are prevented.

Result: a stable arc with optimum ignition and reduced spatter.

Wire lubrication Orbital welding

Orbital welding requires a particular degree of process security. At the same time, challenging supply conditions often cause issues. PROTEC WLS fluids significantly boost the supply characteristics of wire electrodes. As a result, orbital welding processes become more stable and this considerably boosts productivity.

Spring production

PROTEC WLS fluids create a reduced and constant friction value on the wire. Spring manufacturers have uncovered the benefits of the fluids that were originally developed for welding wires: using PROTEC WLS considerably boosts the precision when coiling springs.

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