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Cathodic dip coating (CDC) with PROTEC

Car body cathodic dip coating (CPC/ KTL)

/ May 3rd, 2021 /

Perfect and clean metal surfaces for cathodic dip coating (CDC) – that’s what you get with PROTEC treated parts, such as car bodies, axles, semi-trailers, rims or other components. This solution is proven over more than 20 years and leads to savings and perfect quality. PROTEC provides free samples for approvals! Test now, we appreciate your sample request.

Cataphoresis, or cathodic dip coating (CDC/ KTL), is the latest and most technologically advanced process of immersion varnishing. Furthermore, it is also highly economical and ecological – qualities that now have prominent importance across every industry. It is used for surface treatment of metal products, especially steel and galvanized steel parts.

Cataphoretic coating is currently the most effective method of anti-corrosion treatment of metal products, thus being used in a wide number of industries and particularly by automotive manufacturers. Afterall, it shows exceptionally high resistance towards physical and chemical influences compared to traditional primers.

PROTEC name has a long and successful history while its latest generation of weld spatter protection and laser-cut protection fluids is compliant with today industry requirements. Components coated with PROTEC welding anti-spatter come out of the bodyshop in perfect condition and are ready for the paintshop. No standard rework or grinding process for weld spatter needed.

Send us a sample request to test PROTEC anti-spatter fluids in your workshop. We are looking forward to your inquiry!


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