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Laser-Lotion PROTEC LC20A

Anti-spatter for laser cutting Laser-Lotion PROTEC LC20A 10l can

Anti-Spatter for laser cutting and laser engraving

  • LASER-LOTION PROTEC LC20A is an anti-spatter agent to protect from spatter and slag during laser cutting and laser engraving processes
  • Optimised to protect sheet metal panels, pipes, profiles and equipment
  • Protects any type of metal surface from spatter (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.)
  • No silicone, non-flammable and biodegradable.


  • Laser-Cut Protection Fluids, Performance video preview
  • Comparing piercing area and bottom side: without/with laser cut anti-spatter PROTEC LC20A
  • Protect the grating: easier cleaning and longer service life
  • Reduced burring at cutting edge with PROTEC laser cut anti-spatter Laser-Lotion LC20A


  • Does not leave residue and develops a particularly low level of emissions
  • Process safety, also for follow-on processes (vibratory finishing, edge folding, welding, etc.)
  • Suitable for all conventional coating procedures (painting, cataphoresis, powder coating, galvanising, electroplating, etc.)

Customer benefits

  • Increased quality by preventing spatter, providing dry and clean metal surfaces, no reworking required
  • Reduced cleaning efforts and longer lifetime for the grating (support bars) of the flatbed laser system
  • Increased productivity of the laser system as the beam moves more easily following penetration


Spray the protection areas on workpieces immediately before cutting. Regularly apply to supports. Processes suitable for automatic spraying systems. Manual application using the Pump-Sprayer PROTEC HSP4K or PROTEC pressure sprayer.

Check material durability prior to first use (containers, cables, etc.)

Shake before use. Protect from frost.


  • Effective ingredient type: Herbal fatty acid products with fatty alcohol ethoxylates in emulsion on water basis
  • Density (20°C): 0.99 g/ml
  • Viscosity (20℃): 9.8 sec DIN 53211/4
  • Flash point: n. a.
  • pH value: 7,4
  • Shelf life: At minimum 6 months
  • Safety data sheet no. 02Ds8
  • 10 litre cannister, ID no. A005.010


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