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Pressure-Sprayer PRO 5

backpack sprayer with spray lance

for large scale application surfaces

  • For application of the PROTEC anti-spatter fluids on large scale surfaces,
    like Laser-Lotion PROTEC LC20A or Metallotion PROTEC CE15L+
    e.g. for sheets in laser cutting processes or large weld constructions
  • Plastic pressure-container with manual pump
  • With spray lance and flat-jet nozzle
  • Sealings with high resistance of Viton (FKM)



  • Setup optimised for the application of PROTEC fluids
  • Flat jet nozzle for efficient application
  • Handy through light weight and compact dimensions


  • Fill with PROTEC fluid and pump up the pressure until the safety valve opens
  • Spray by pressing the lever, move the flat jet nozzle transverse over the surface; adjust moving speed to meet the application quantity needed
  • Please read the user manual for more detailed Information!


  • Name: Pressure-Sprayer PRO 5
  • ID no.: Z004.002
  • Max. filling volume: 5 l
  • Total volume: 7l
  • Max. working pressure: 3 bar, 43 psi
  • Safety Features: Safety valve/ venting valve
  • Spray angle: 80° flat jet

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