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Automotive – MIG brazing with WLS

Wire-Balm PROTEC WLS04


German automotive OEM reduces down-time of robotic MIG brazing stations by the use of Wire-Balm PROTEC WLS from >200 min/month to 40-45 min/month.

A premium german automotive OEM, using latest high-end equipment, still was facing very high down-times at robotic MIG brazing stations, caused by feeding issues.

Through the use of Wire-Balm PROTEC WLS04 the downtimes could be reduced dramatically: From more than 200 minutes per month down to 40-45 minutes per month. This means a reduction by 80%.

This case shows, how this simple and easy to use method at low cost can bring additional uptimes, in this case of 160 minutes per month.
The reduced consumption of wear parts (feeder, tip) comes with it for free.


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