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PROTEC WLS04 twin-pad

PROTEC WLS04 twin pad for welding wire coating

For stable MIG/MAG processes - ready for use

  • PROTEC WLS “ready for use” — the fast solution
  • Safeguards perfect welding wire supply characteristics
  • Improved current transfer, prevents electro-erosion in the contact tip
  • Stable arc with optimum ignition



Position both pads on the wire upstream of the wire input (to the welder or drum):
Drenched (green) PAD, followed by dry (white) PAD.

For this purpose, PADs are folded in the middle and the CLIPs are pushed over the PADs from the side where the fold is.

The wire must run through directly through the fold on the PADs.

Initial use with new liner, as otherwise old contamination would come out.

We also recommend using Twin-Pads on contaminated wires or wires that are subject to a complaint. In many cases the wire will process properly, then.

Not suitable for aluminium.


Set ready for application

  • 1x WLS04 PAD (pre-drenched)
  • 1x wire PAD (dry, intended as wipe)
  • 2x wire CLIP (to attach PADs on the wire)

ID no. W001.S01

Recommended as follow-on order:

PROTEC WLS04 wire balm set

Contains WLS04 spray, PADs and clips.

ID no. W001.S02

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