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Tribo-Cleaning-Station PROTEC TCS-2U

Tribo-Cleaning-Station PROTEC TCS-2U

Automated application of the PROTEC WLS fluids

Functional principle

PROTEC TCS coats and cleans the wire using two substrate twin discs. They are rotated step by step by a geared motor.

The surface condition of the discs can be checked during on-going operation at the differential discs of the twin discs (patented PROTEC procedure).

The fluid for application is supply to the first disc using a drip-feed lubricator (e.g. PROTEC WLS04.3 wire balm). As a result, the wire is coated and contamination is removed. The second disc takes care of cleaning the removed residue and removes any excess fluid.

A control box (SBS) doses the fluid and controls the step-by-step rotation of the discs. It can be connected to the production system so that the system is operational only when the wire is being supplied.


  • Tribo-Cleaning-Station PROTEC TCS-2U baseunit
  • Twin-Disc enables surface check during operation (patented)
  • Example of TCS installation in wire factory
  • TCS Controlbox
  • TCS drip feeder


  • Surface condition of the substrate discs can be monitored during the on-going process (patented PROTEC procedure)
  • Disc rotation and dosing set using control box
  • Integration in wire production process possible

Customer benefits

  • Controlled purification and coating process.
  • Maximum wire surface quality and stable processing in final application.


PROTEC TCS-2U is installed as a last step before coiling the wire.

At the end user location (e.g. robot welding), the PROTEC TCS is installed directly above the drum (at wire input). Please refer to the operating manual for more detailed information.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 306 x 170 x 290 mm
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Substrate discs: 2 sets 100/115
  • Motor: 3-24 V DC 20 VA
  • Drip-feed lubricator: 200 ml
  • Solenoid valve: 24 V DC 12 VA
  • Initial equipment for wire diameters from 0.6 – 1.6mm

ID no. Components

  • Tribo cleaning station PROTEC TCS-2U E001.001
  • Control box (controls disc rotation and drip-feed lubricator) E002.001
  • Drip-feed lubricator 200ml E003.001
  • Replacement substrate disc set 100/115, medium (2 sets fitted) E010.001

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