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Welding-Milk PROTEC CE16M

Welding separating agent PROTEC CE16M

Light anti-spatter fluid

  • WELDING-MILK PROTEC CE16M is a light, biological separation agent to prevent adhering weld spatter on components
  • Particularly suitable for thin sheet metal panels
  • Optimised to produce minimum emissions and leave minimum residue
  • No silicone, non-flammable and biodegradable



  • Tested and certified for welding and all conventional coating methods
  • Perfectly suitable for welding over
  • Protects any type of metal surfaces, except aluminium

Customer benefits

  • Reduces costs and saves time as there is no need for reworking
  • Increased quality with clean metal surfaces on welded parts
  • Maximum process safety and safety for users and the environment


Apply to parts prior to welding. It is also possible to spray the welded areas – to prepare the seam.

Apply using the Pump-Sprayer PROTEC HSP4K to guarantee acute spray patterns, optimum coating and high efficiency.

The drain valve facilitates filling from containers.

HVLP sprayers or automatic sprayer systems are suitable for series production.

Shake before use.

Protect from frost.


  • Effective ingredient type: Herbal fatty acid products with fatty alcohol ethoxylates in emulsion on water basis
  • Density (20°C): 0.99 g/ml
  • Viscosity (20℃): 9.7 sec DIN 53211/4
  • Flash point: n. a.
  • pH value: 7,5
  • Shelf life: At minimum 6 months
  • Safety data sheet no. 02Ds5
  • 10 litre cannister, ID no. A006.010


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