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PROTEC backpack sprayer 5.0

extension sprayer with pressure tank

Ideal for large application surfaces

  • Ideal to apply PROTEC anti-spatter fluids to large surfaces,
    for example equipment or larger components
  • Pole extension sprayer with pressure tank and manual pump
  • Stable container made of polyethylene, with strap



  • Optimised spray pattern for PROTEC fluids
  • Separate filler opening, hence the pump equipment can remain in the container
  • Extension pole can be enlarged to allow a greater rang


  • Fill PROTEC fluid and pump to build up pressure (1.5 – 2.5 bar)
  • Spray by pressing the lever on the shut-off valve
  • Please refer to the instruction manual for more detailed information


  • Denomination: PROTEC Backpack Sprayer 5.0
  • ID no.: Z004.001
  • Max. fill quantity: 5 l
  • Total volume: 7.3 l
  • Max. operating pressure: 3 bar, 43 psi
  • Max. operating temperature: 30°C
  • Empty weight: 4 kg
  • Tank material: Polyethylene
  • Residue left when empty: 0.03 l
  • Max. flow rate: 4.5 l/min

Spare parts

  • Nozzle 0,8 mm: ID no. R007.003 (original equipment)
  • Nozzle 1,1 mm: ID no. R007.002 (enclosed)
  • Nozzle 0,6 mm: ID no. R007.001 (available as an accessory)
  • Set of seals:       ID no. R008.001

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