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Pump-Sprayer PROTEC basic 4K

Sprayer with plastic bottle 500ml

Pump-Sprayer with plastic bottle 500ml

  • Optimised for the application of PROTEC fluids
  • Metal nozzle for perfect spray pattern, adjustable



  • Upon first use, fully close the valve, then open by approximately one turn and pump until fluid has been sucked in
  • Set valve to desired spray pattern by twisting it (usually opened by approximately 1/2 turn)
  • Evenly spray work-pieces from a distance of approximately 30cm
  • For easy filling, we recommend using the offered drain tap for the canister

Note: one stroke with the pump enables to coat a larger area. Set the pressure accordingly during pumping. Forcefully pressing the pump lever damages the pump (hydraulic pressure).


  • Plastic container, capacity 500ml
  • Pump-Sprayer with manual trigger, adjustable metal nozzle
  • ID no. Z003.008

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