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PROTEC eco system

PROTEC Eco system

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

ECO system features

  • Reusable spray system, designed for PROTEC anti-spatter fluids
  • Particularly acute spray pattern, efficient application
  • Cost-efficient compared with disposable sprays
  • Environmentally friendly

System consists of ECO sprayer and ECO air filling station or fully automatic ECO filling station.


ECO sprayer

Reusable sprayer with foot valve.
Robust, powder coated aluminium container.
Airless spray produces acute spray pattern

PROTEC ECO air filling station

The ECO air filling station is intended to fill the ECO sprayer with compressed air using the foot valve.
The fluid must have been pre-filled into the sprayer (manually from the top, approximately half full).
The valve opens and closes automatically.

PROTEC ECO filling station

The PROTEC ECO filling station is intended to simultaneously fill the ECO sprayers with fluid and compressed air at the correct ratio for maximum range. Filling is triggered using the foot valve of the sprayer and only takes a few seconds.

PROTEC fluids are connected in 10l containers via vacuum hoses and the compressed air is connected via a plug-in nipple.
Please refer to the operating manual for more detailed information.


ECO sprayer

  • Container: Reusable 600ml aluminium pressure container for 300ml fluid, powder coated
  • Operating pressure: 6 – 10 bar (test pressure 10 bar)
  • Empty weight: 360g
  • Supplied with one spare valve unit and three replacement spray nozzle units
  • ID-no.: Z005.001

ECO air filling station

  • Valve: automatically closes, brass
  • Operating pressure: 6 – 10 bar
  • Max. pressure: 15 bar
  • ID-no.: Z006.001

ECO filling station

  • Two filling positions: 1. Position to fully automatically fill fluid and compressed air at the correct ratio; second position to refill compressed air.
  • Connects to PROTEC cannister and compressed air connection (dosing cylinder driven by compressed air)
  • Operating pressure: 6 – 8 bar
  • Max. pressure: 10 bar
  • Fluid capacity: 300 ml
  • ID-no.: Z007.001

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